Oct 29
poem 0 comments challenge: Wishes

my wishes


I wish to see my world flourish around me.
the silent life within us 
come forth for a better future
a better world
we can build together. 

when I am twenty five

I wish to be seen 
for who I am then and there 
not who I was 

when I am fifty 
I wish to have you 
by my side with a child, 
we've adopted of course
and maybe a dog 
and a cat

I will paint
and write 
and tell stories day and night 
in a better world we created tomorrow 

you can sing and dance 
and I'll take your hand 
and dance by your side.
all the while children playing at our feet 

when I am eighty 
old and white haired
I wish for you to still dance beside me 
still hold my hand

our grandchildren can play
and dance with us
our children will smile as they watch 

the new with the old 
the fresh with the frail 
this is my wish 

that on my dying day

I will look back on my life 
and feel no shame,
no guilt, 
on old grudges,
just peace and pride
that I went so far. 

saw so much
and lived a life worth living. 

but I don't just wish. 
I strive every day
to make my wishing reality. 

so I sit here and so I say
my one real wish 
is to make today a good day. 
and to do that 
every day that I can.