Oct 29
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A Step Into A Forest

You look back, as you take your first steps into the forest. The bright mid-day sun fades as the trees begin to block it out, its warmth seeping from your skin as the shade covers it, you shiver. Less from cold, more from excitement, thought the cool breeze of early Fall does not help. The shiver abates, replaced by a lingering tingle and prickle as goosebumps form. 
The few freshly fallen leaves, mixed with those ones from years passed, crunch under your feet, not quite as satisfying as it will be in a few weeks. You can hear the trickles, gurgles, and babbles of a small stream, the buzzing and chirping of insects and wildlife all around. The pervasive slight cill, hinting at the snow, ice, and general cold that Winter will soon bring, envelops you, making the air gain a quality of crispness, no longer held back by the glaring sun. 
Green is still the color of the forest, but you can see where Fall has started to turn leaves and stems, first light green, and then to yellow, finally brown, yellow-gold, or red. Summer will not stay for long. Without looking, you might not have noticed the other, smaller, signs that Falls arrival is imminent. The general thinning of leaves, making the nests of Birds and Squirrels more noticeable. The birds start to migrate, the frogs starting to bury themselves in the mud, and the insects hiding away, all contributing to the general quieting of the woods.
You're ready, eager, to continue, as you turn away from the entrance through which you have just entered. People always speak of something seeming to be an eternity, or take forever, as a negative thing. Now you wonder why. Those first few steps into the forest seemed an eternity, one where you noticed everything around you, and truly enjoyed it.
You turn back, look ahead again, and step forwards, cool breeze on your skin, leaves vaguely rustling as you pass by, wildlife all around, and continue on, into the woods.    
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