Oct 30
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The Woods

Last year on a Friday night I was bored so I decided to walk to a friends house, and I decided to the path I always took, because it was a lot faster then just going down the normal road, but it required me to go through the woods, this was Ok with me because I normally liked stuff like going through the woods, but not at night, I’ve never done it at night. Him and I were talking at school that day about me going to his house. I left my house and I let the journey begin…

    I was approaching the woods, It looked the same, but felt different, it felt as is I was being watched, but I didn't know from where, I shook the feeling and began into the forest, I soon came across a shoe, it was normal for kids to come in here and “do the do” but, this shoe was clean, it was an old white Van, checkered not a single speck of dirt, I thought some kids were in their “doing the do” so I just kind of sped up, and then I thought

‘That was just those kids that were watching me and giving me that feeling’

As I was walking, I came across the second shoe, and then I realised there was something red on the shoe,  and then I noticed another one, then a pile, then a huge puddle of this red substance, I didn't want to scare myself and assume anything and I noticed 3 drops on the shoe, instead of the 2 I had noticed before, then I saw a fourth drop of Blood hit the shoe from the trees. I looked up very, very slowly, I noticed a human-like figure hanging from the tree, I hesitated, I grabbed my phone and turn on the flash, the first thing I saw was a white Nike sock covered in blood, I screamed as loud as I could and bolted faster than lightning, I didn't bother calling the police, because I didn't know if it was a Halloween decoration or not. I didn't want to call the police for a Halloween decoration, so I decided to go to the station, and only ask for one officer to go check it out with me. It turns out it was real, and a man did decided to take his own life that night… but he was bleeding from his mouth which is very unusual.

The officer decided to call for backup to escort the corpse to the morgue and identify the34-year-old, smoker, and he had a history of drinking, the police say he was at a bar that night getting some drinks and they suspect he had gotten into a little altercation with the bartender. The bartender ended up beating him so bad he popped his lung. They also suspect that the bartender killed the man and dragged him out to the woods to hang him and make it look like it was a suicide.

The police did a lot of investigating that night and decided to just give the bartender 5 years, probation for 2nd-degree murder. It also turns out the man was a child predator, who was not legally allowed to see his daughter because of his past with other children.

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