Oct 30

down by the bay

"down by the bay-"
we hopped happily 
from large stone, to large stone

"where the watermelons grow-"
your smile wider than the lake we played by 

"back to my home-"
I bump into you 
and you shove me back 

"I dare not go-"
I fake glare 
and we both burst into laughter at our own antics

"for if I do-"
you splash cold water at me
I wrinkle my nose 
and stick out my tongue
in a way that says 'I will get you back for that.'

"my mother will say-"
our feet pound the ground side by side
kicking up tiny pebbles 

"have you ever seen a whale"
we both stop 
clutching our sides

"waving it's tail"
we laugh at each other's pathetic ability to run for long distances 
witch only makes our cramps hurt more
but we don't mind

"down by the bay."
where I found my long forgotten,
five year old self

"where the watermelons grow"
and where I found you

"back to my home"
and where I realized

"I dare not go"
that I loved you.