Oct 31
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The Beasts in the woods

 I was walking in the woods with my friends. Until these two ferocious creatures start running at us for we didn't even do anything to possibly harm them we didn't even see them but they saw us.  

Maybe we were in their space but it wasn't fair we had to run for our lives or they would swallow us in one gulp. We all ran separate ways to bamboozle the two creatures luckily they didn't come my way I guess I wasn't meaty enough.

But I feel bad for my friends as they are still running from the beasts.    

 After all my running I ended up in this calm and relaxing place it was so much better than being chased by two beasts. Since I was in the clear I sat down, pulled out my phone and my earbuds and listen to music while enjoying the scenery. 

After a while I started to get bored I started to wonder and then I admire and appreciate the view I'm telling you it was gorgeous you wish you were here.  The birds, the trees, the scent, the stream. The color of the birds is like no other, the tallness of the trees just seems unreal, the scent of the woods the scent of the trees is so refreshing. I'm telling you It's the closest you could get to heaven. I can't believe such ugly creatures would want to come to a place like this, it made me mad just thinking about it don't ruin beautiful things. 

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