Oct 31
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The forest

      I ran through the forest trying to find a way out before the tigers got me. I ran around in fear. The Tigers were trying to take my bred. I needed to get out of the forest before they had me and my bread for dinner. The trees were so close and it was hard to run fast. It was hot and I was begging for water but I didn't have time to stop and drink. I could hear the tigers gaining ground on me. I had to get out soon or I would be done for. I tucked and jumped over and under branches, then all of a sudden I spotted something, A CAVE! I ran and dove in hoping to hide here and wait for the tigers to pass. I took a sip out of my water bottle and had a few bites of my bread. I could hear the tigers getting closer, and closer until they were basically on top of me. I held my breath and stayed frozen in the cave has the tigers strolled past growling and sniffing about. I waited still in that cave for long after the tigers passed. Finally, I was sure they were gone and I stepped out of the cave. I looked around to make sure there was no one in sight and then I kept on my way to try and find a way out of this forest. I ran along a little creek when there, in the distance I saw a light, I HAD FOUND A WAY OUT! I bolted for the exit and has I got closer the light grew and grew until I could practically see out of the forest. I ran through the light into a big field. It felt like I had entered a new dimension. I Laid in the field staring up at the blue sky to catch my breath.

The end

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