Oct 31
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Spirits and souls

I never like meeting souls

Separated from their identity

They are a void

Begging to be filled.

They ask for knowledge and yet

They forget it as soon as the sun hit’s their faces.

Sad and hurt

The souls are tormented with

The wisp of knowledge they once

Could claim their own.

Have you ever heard a soul cry?

They sound like


Unbearable sadness.

I never like meeting spirits

The knowledge of the dead

Haunting and alluring.

Dangerous creatures

They will try and

Fill your mind

With them

And eventually

They might succeed,

And then you will be them.

Not you.

But no matter what they are,



They are lost and the

Sound of them

Crying and

Sobbing and


Tears out your heart.

The souls want to know

And the spirits want to be.

The music of a spirit and a soul

When they find each other.

I think you might have heard of it.

It is the sound of a baby