Oct 31
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Creepy Kids

One day I was taking a walk and I saw the house again that I always see on my way to school. It was 6 o’clock in the afternoon so decided to go knock on the door to face my fears. As I was walking up to the door the house was big and had a lot of vines coming down the brick house and the step railings were all rusty.  When I got past the steps, I saw someone pass by the window next to the door. So then I walked to the window and looked through it and It was pitch black inside. When I looked through the window I saw no on. I went back to the door and I was going to ring the doorbell but the door was already open. I stepped inside and saw a bunch of kids running around playing in the house. When you first walk in, the house had steps and the living room had just one couch sitting there with no table or tv and the kitchen was small with one little kids table. Then the kids in the house all stopped and looked at me. They all had big black eyes and red hair and they all started walking towards me.  I started to run and I ran and ran till I could not run anymore.
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