Nov 01
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Letter to Senator McConnell

Dear Senator McConnell,
I would first like to thank you for all you have done in Congress and for our nation,

we truly appreciate all that you do. Senator McConnell our nation is becoming more and more divided, neighbor v neighbor, family v family. It’s becoming more challenging than ever for The Left and The Right to come to a consensus. It's important that those in Congress can work together to do what’s in the best interest of the American people. How can we solve serious issues like poverty and homelessness when all American is doing is arguing? So im calling on you to continue to fight to do what is right for our country.  We need to focus on real issues not just argue and yell at each other. Consensus is needed for America to progress, we are all ready being out done by other nations in things we used to lead in. Our nation is falling farther and farther behind because of our nation's inability to communicate and come to an agreement, if the trend of radicalism continue and the Left and Right become farther and farther apart our nation will not be able to work.n America needs unity Senator McConnell or it will be a lack thereof that will destroy our great nation. 

~ Sincerely, 
A Student
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