Nov 01


"eight years old 
when did this time pass?"
"when you weren't looking of course"
"I tried. . ."
"clearly not hard enough."
I still can't believe your eight
it seems just a month ago you were a tiny little brother 
so new and fresh to this world
and now your eight.
gosh, I missed something
I still,
I just can't comprehend
your growing up so fast. . .
stop it!
be a child as long as you can!
and don't forget,
I'm your friend too,
your older sibling,
who's watched your from the day you were born.
I will always be there for you
and there will always be a new world waiting for you
but for now 
I ask you to explore this one with me
after all, you are eight now
let's go
and play 
and work 
and laugh 
and cry
but no matter what we do 
let's do it together. 
hand in hand 
sibling and sibling.