Nov 01
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If not now, when?

If not now, when means if you are not going to do something now, then when are you going to do it. Many people say that they will do it later. But when is later? Is it tomorrow? Is it next week? Is it next month? Nobody knows when because if you don’t do it now, then it could be at any time. Most people who procrastinate usually say they will finish it later. It will most likely be something that most people do not enjoy like doing homework or chores around the house. There really is no need to procrastinate because you are eventually going to have to do what you have been procrastinating. It would make more sense to just get it over with now, then to hold on to it and wait until the last second.

I procrastinate all the time, with everything. I procrastinate with homework mostly. Nobody likes doing homework, including me, so that’s why I wait in do it until the last second. Yes, I know I shouldn’t procrastinate and just suck it up and do, but I don’t like spending all of my time out of school doing school work. It doesn’t make sense to me why students always have to have homework even though they just got out of school. However, I still do my homework and its always on time. So even though I procrastinate, I still get my homework done. I get why people procrastinate. They don’t want to spend their free time doing something hate. If someone doesn’t do something now, they will do it whenever they feel like it. 

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