Nov 01
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Dear Senator Mitch McConnell,
I’m writing you to voice my concerns about climate change. Some people think that climate change isn’t happening, and some people think climate change is happening for reasons other than humans. My opinion on it is that climate change would still happen if it weren’t for humans, but at a much slower rate. We aren’t helping at all, we’re making it worse. I’m asking you to sponsor and pass legislation taking action on climate change. You doing this would help to slow down the rapid increase in carbon emissions. 

    People might not expect to see climate change in Vermont. But there is, I’ve seen it first hand. More ticks, hotter summers and warmer winters. Less snow in winters, and more sleet and wet snow. My room is always cold and it obviously will get colder in the winter, but it’s not as cold this year, which happened last year too. In california the weather is getting more humid, and there’s wildfires all the time. Weather has never been humid in california. When my mom grew up there in the 80’s, 90’s, it was warm but never humid. 

    So please, hear what I’m saying and take action. This is a very important topic and if we do nothing to stop it, we could end up in a very dire situation. 

Mckenna Smith

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