Nov 01
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Quick Write Clearing

I'm falling into a forest and keep on getting his by branches and rocks it hurts I fall for a couple of seconds then I get back up and get back on my feet I go the way i thought i fell from but it feels like i’m getting deeper into this strange forest so I go the other way to see if i can get out of her then i here this mown and it keeps getting louder and louder so I true around and run so I don't get eaten by this weird kreacher and don't die so i keep running until I start to smell something it smell like blueberry pie so i follow it then i see this house and i see blueberry pie on the windowsill and i got and knock on the door and this little old woman opens the door and yells “WHAT DO YOU WHAT” and i say “I can smell you pie from faraway and-” 
“ SO YOU CAME OVER HERE TO EAT SOME PIE GET OUT OF MY FACE.” and she slams the door I don't knock again because i don't want to get yelled at again.
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