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Locked Away

I looked up and saw dark footsteps on the ceiling, I looked to the right and saw cries for help written all over the walls. I turned around and faced the door, with scratches all over it from all the people trying to escape.  The only thing in the room was a bed built into the wall, a mattress that was basically stapled into the frame. I didn’t know how I got in there, I just woke up and I was there, but I couldn’t remember where I was before when I went to sleep.  

    I waited I couldn’t tell what time it was whether it was day or night, but I got tired so I slept, I didn’t know for how long but when I got up there was a tray of food on the floor.  I got up and grabbed it, I didn’t know how long its been since I last ate. The food was mashed potatoes and gravy with a side of green beans, I scarfed it down it was amazing, each bite the food became more and more familiar, I had eaten this before, but when, when had I eaten this. I started to get mad at myself, I got up and walked around the room, I became even madder with every step, I stepped harder and faster until I was sprinting around the room.  Tears started to flow down my face, I ran until I couldn’t anymore and I collapsed to the floor.

    I awoke on my bed, I looked around and saw a bag of chips and a book on the floor, I slowly sat up, and grabbed the book, it was a book of short stories. I sat down on my bed and started to read and eat the chips.  While I was reading I got a strange feeling that somebody was watching me, I looked around but nobody was there. I thought I was going crazy, but I just couldn’t get rid of the feeling, I thought It was strange that they knew when I was asleep.

I looked around the room in one of the corners I saw a black box, “A camera!” I screamed I hadn’t talked for so long I forgot about it.  I was in a room and people were watching me while I slept, ate and read. That was crazy I got mad, I put my hands over my head and started to walk around the room I walked and walked I walk for so long I collapsed to the floor.

     I awoke again on my bed I sat up my book was still there, and on the floor was a tray of food, an envelope and a pen.  I picked it up I started to write a letter, to anybody that was out there except for the people behind the walls, I pushed the letter up to the door and yelled out 

“I know your there, thank you for the food, take my letter and give it to somebody”

I sat down on the floor and stared at the food for a few minutes before deciding to eat.  After I ate, I sat down on the bed and opened up the book to a random page, The story was about a boy who lived in a city, maybe that's where I lived before I came here, to this room, to this building.  

    I started to remember a name, it started with an H, Hazle no, Henry no, Heather, Heather YES it was Heather “Is there anybody called Heather, Heather Fonly.”. I couldn’t remember who she was, but she was important.  I felt myself getting angry again, I tried to calm myself down by reading my book, I couldn’t calm myself down, So I slept

    I awoke again there was another letter and pen on the ground and a tray of food, I ran over and grabbed the letter and pen, I wrote down everything I could fit on the paper and addressed it to Heather Fonly.  All of a sudden I remembered something, my name I didn’t even realize that I didn’t know it. “My name is Tony Crow!” I screamed in joy, “My name is Tony Crow” I cheered. I screamed that over and over for hours and hours, my voice gave out and I sat on the floor, I looked over and grabbed the food and ate in in peace and quiet.

    I awoke with a start, I jumped out of my bed and looked on the floor there sat a letter, it was addressed to me “A letter to me!” I jumped with joy, I carefully opened the envelope to not ruin how neatly my name was written.  The letter was from Heather Fonly, first she explained that she was my girlfriend and she missed me dearly. A thought popped into my head I remember dancing with a girl, that girl must have been Heather. I continued to read and more memories popped into my head, I had a big brown dog who followed me everywhere, I got another memory of me throwing a ball and my big brown dog running after it in a frantic hurry to bring it back to me.

I read on, Apparently, I signed an agreement to have a scientific experiment done on me it was just supposed to see how many memories I would remember every day, but apparently me and my girlfriend misunderstood.  

My head started to throb and ache, a memory popped into my head I remember saying goodbye to Heather and Axel (my dog).  I walked out of my house and stepped into a large limousine. We drove for about an hour before we arrived at a huge white building.  I stepped out of the limousine and walked up a winding pathway, I looked around at all the beautiful trees. When I made it to the door two men in black suits came over and talked to me, after a little conversation they led me to a room and had me sit down on one of those chairs at a doctor’s office.  They explained that some doctors were gonna come in and they were going to put me under anesthesia and hopefully be able to remove some of my memories. I nodded my head then they led me to another room, this time there was a bed on wheels they asked me to lay down on the bed, they gave me some mashed potatoes and gravy with a side of green beans, and turned on the TV. 

After I finished my food two doctors came in and put a mask over my nose, I was a little worried but I didn´t…  That was the last thing I remember, apparently removing “Some of my memories” means we are going to remove all of your memories and lock you in a room.  This is not what I signed up for, but let me tell you this an experience of a lifetime. An experience that you would never like to experience again. I awoke again on the bed but I know this was not a dream, I stood up furious “Let me out of this room!  I know who I am and I think you have enough information. Please just let me go home I want to see my girlfriend and my dog!” Tears started to flow down my face. How long have I been here, what year is it? I got an idea I was going to fall asleep, actually, pretend to fell asleep and wait until the people came I would jump out of my bed and run out, if they tried to grab me I don’t really have a plan for that but I bet I will get an idea while I wait.  I laid in my bed and closed my eyes…

 I jumped out of my bed “who’s there!” I tried to look around but my eyes were blurry I rubbed my eyes “Shoot I must have fell asleep.  When my vision came back, I looked around, the door, the door was open and there was a bag on the floor I stood up and looked around and expected somebody to jump out at me.  I grabbed the bag and headed toward the door, I Stood in the door frame and looked at the room I once slept, for however many days and nights, I walked straight down the long hallway eventually I walked into a room made of glass I could see all the beautiful trees, I looked around and spotted doors, I ran over to them and pushed them open with no hesitation.  I smelt the trees, grass, and flowers this is what happiness and freedom smells like, I walked down the path looking at everything. I saw a limousine at the end of the path, a guy got out and asked

“Hi, are you Tony Crow?” he asked me, I didn’t say anything I just nodded.  “Thank goodness,” he said in relief. He opened the car door and gestured for me to go inside.  I hoped in the car with no hesitation, we started to drive for what felt like an hour. When we stopped he opened the door and I looked out to see where we were, we were at a house, my house, I was home!  I jumped out of the car” Thank you so much, sir!” I said while I ran to the house, I knocked on the door. “Bark Bark Bark,” Axel said in reply, I heard loud heavy footsteps come up to the door. The door slowly opened “Hello” came a low voice, It was a girl with long brown hair, she was looking at my shoes, she slowly looked up, she looked me in the eyes and her face started to brighten “Tony!” she screamed.  Before she could even get close to me a big brown blob came over and knocked me on the floor.”Axel!” I yelled while I fell to the floor, I got knocked out. I fell down the steps and hit my head hard on the cement path.

I awoke again In a room, the same white, room with the writing on the walls.  Tears fell from my eyes I know that what I had just experienced was not a dream, I didn’t sit up I laid there, forever, I never sat up. I just laid there I knew I was never ever getting out of here again.
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