Nov 01
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Trailer park tramua

One night as me and my dad finished watching college game day we saw a person with an ax walking along trailing their ax behind them making a muddy trail. As we were walking upstairs we heard the doorbell ring way more high pitched that normal, my dad went to answer the door as I went upstairs to go to bed. I hear my dad opened the door as he’s to them im putting on my tom brady pj’s I hear a high pitched voice, it says have you seen a little boy light brown hair with a little toy as if its a rhyme my dad says no, the person goes on to say another rhyme at night I walk I hear a big splotch for that I know you are hiding him hear . I creep down our staircase and peer out through the railing bars that my mom made. The person is standing there with his head tilted to the side with his eyes facing completely different ways. He leaves with his head still tilted to the side, I went to bed and I never have dreams but that one night I had one about a boy the weird man had described it felt like I had a connection what he felt I felt but in a dream it wasn't bad. The boy was in a fight with a man not the man who came to the door but very similar the man swung his axe slicing the side of the little boys stomach. I woke up the next morning with scar on the right side of my stomach where the kid in my dream got cut. That Sunday morning I went outside to play football with my friends at the park.
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