Nov 01
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Everyday my friends and I pass by this house with pigeons all over it. Everyday we see one light in the house and nothing else, the lady who lives there we've never seen but we knew it was an old lady because there have been rumors of her taking kids who didn't behave in school. We have always wondered why does the light stay on every minute of the day even when we walk back from school when the sun is at its brightest. One day it was not out of the ordinary at all but just something in all of us that day that had all of us worried because jack was the person who had never missed a day of school was not there waiting at the conner like he always does to walk to school. So this had just happened once when he had an early dentist appointment. We all decided it was something like that. We kept walking and as we were turning the corner there was Jack sitting with his back to us right in front of the old lady's house. As we talked to jack he said that he was walking to school for an early torturing by are math teacher Mrs Shine and he was stopped dead in his tracks by the old lady. Jack said that she told him to sit right where he was, next thing we know there's a big pie right on top of us it's sticky and were in the center of it. We start to hear sloshing noises so we huddle together then we see it as a person with a pumpkin on their head with a shovel trying to dig out of the pie then it see us he takes one swing  with the shovel then another he misses both times but the third is a hit to billy his finger is cut off and he's growing a new one but it's not a finger..     

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