Nov 01
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    Has anyone stopped to ask you “if not now, then when?” Personally, no one has specifically asked me this question. However, I do feel that I ask myself this question quite often, or questions similar. I also use this question as to motivation. If I don't work hard in school now, then when will I have the chance to? Well, considering that highschool only comes around once in your life, for four short years, I will never have the chance again. Overall high school can be very difficult, and junior year is debatably the hardest academic year in a student’s education. I know that I will not get a second chance this year and it is why I am working so hard. These four years will help me do what I want to do in this world, and without the hard work, I will not be able to get there. Some people may say “You can pick up your game in college.” Well, without my hard work now I will not be able to get into the programs I see myself doing. So when I ask myself “ if not now, then when?” in an academic aspect, my answer is now, and when is not an option. I am and will continue to work hard until I receive my diploma, all of the hard work will pay off on that day, and with what I do in the future. 

    Another time I ask myself this question is when it comes to taking risks and stepping out of my comfort zone. If I don't take this risk now, will I ever have the opportunity again? It is possible the particular risk may never come to your opportunity again. Maybe because you are afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone? You will never find your true self unless you step out of your comfort zone. It can and will be scary. What is the worst that can happen? You fail, and you can learn so much from failing and getting back up again. But take the risk now, not later. Push yourself to your limits now. Step outside of your comfort zone now, and take the risks. These particular opportunities and experiences may never come back. If you do not do these things now, later may never come.     
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