Nov 01

Marianne Williamson

We need Marianne Williamson to be the next president of the United States. 

Marianne not only knows what she's doing but she also knows what to say. She's talking about love and peace and harmony where other people are just digging us into a hole or talking about the problems instead of the solutions.
If you don't know who Marianne is, look her up. Watch her talk. Listen to her ideas. Some of it might sound really radical but that's the point. Love is radical nowadays. 
I got the chance to meet her this summer and talk to her. You know how some adults like listen to you then brush you aside? She looked in my eyes the entire time and talked to me like she would have any other person with a vote. 

Her favorite idea of mine is her plan for the Department of Children and Youth. We are being left behind and Marianne knows it. 
She's willing to fight for us and everyone across the world.

Now you might be thinking "yeah she's cool but she's not going to win." Please don't. She can win. I hope that she does. She is the first woman to run for president that I actually want to be president. 

Also just because she's not on the debate stage doesn't mean that she isn't going to win. The DNC's policies need to be changed and we need change in our government.

Marianne Williamson is the change we need to see in America

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE listen to some of her speeches!

Have a good week!

(PS if you want to know more or have special questions please feel free to message me!)

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