Nov 02
poem 0 comments challenge: Wordgame


rhymes with dope
cause it is

in your soul

feel the warmth 
that it brings

rhymes with cope 
cause it helps you deal

with all the bad days
you know the ones you feel 

and down

like your being pushed out of town 
by all the bad thoughts that surround 

hope rhymes with mope
what you do without it

you try day and night 
but you can't live without it 

it's there for a reason 
to help you out 

hope rhymes with nope
what you say to the people out there

who only want to play with your hair
and tell you lies 

that never sound nice 
creating an infestation 

of mental lie lice 
that crawl around in your brain telling you things 

you refuse to explain 
to anyone else 

for fear they'll tell you 
that those lies are true. 

hope reigns 
and will continue to rule

in truth,
kind heart

and justice 
you'll see 

if you believe
that you can be hopeful too