Nov 05
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James's  notebook

6:30 AM

55 degrees fahrenheit 

It was a cold september morning the fog still setting at the docks boats bouncing up and down from the lake waking up. Just cold enough for a sweatshirt but not warm enough to wear a t-shirt. The wood boats creaking from their old age. Two friends going out for a sail in the morning. I can barely think about boats since I was 8,I was on friends boat and I didn't want them to know that i couldent swim. I have been very quiet my whole life and im good at getting out of situations like this but this, this i know i can't get out of. The worst part of this is im going with my friends on their friends boat(Colt) but me and their friends aren't really friends, we used to be but not anymore we got in a big fight and he started spread rumours, he was one of the only people that I told that I can't swim and that time when i was younger and i almost drowned because I fell into the pool at a barbeque.  Colt starts the boat up but not without some extremely awkward small talk. I look down the seat that colt insisted on me sitting doesn't have a working seat belt. I know i'm trapped now, what am I going to do ask to switch with someone else? No. I notice were going onto a bit of a rocky patch. bump, bump, bump, I nearly fly right out of my seat, colt gives me a quick stair and. splash!  

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