Nov 05
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Warren G. Harding once said “There is good in everyone. Boost. Don’t Knock.” this can relate to almost anything in life. But the most prominent thing in my life that it relates to is school. This saying means that everyone is good but you shouldn’t directly ask for it, but boost us to bring it out on our own. Give us the resources to bring it out in ourselves. Our teachers need to boost us to be the best us we can be. Be a role model to us that we may not recieve at home. Give us the resources to be great on our own. Asking for it will give you temporary results, we will give you the work you want to see, but nothing more. We won’t grow as a person, and we won’t grow beyond your expectations. Raise the expectations, give us what we need to be great. Don’t just teach us grammar and complex differential calculus equations, teach us to be good humans.   
 “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day—if you teach him to fish, and you feed him for many days.” this quote is very similar. You can tell someone how to be good, but if you give them the resources to find this on their own it will mean so much more. Effort and hard work is worth so much more when the person finds it themselves, and it’s not presented to them. A lot of people today expect everything to be given to them, but that’s not how it is. You have to work. Sometimes really hard. I would love to say that hard work pays off, it doesn’t always. However, someone will recognize the effort you put in, and you will feel so much better about yourself knowing that you tried your hardest and earned what you got. Now is one of the most important times to be raising respectful, kind, considerate, driven humans. Show us how, give us the resources, and make us work for what we want. 
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