Nov 05
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General category clearing past due but great writing

Nicholas Mercier
ADL, Age: 11

YWP: Week #3 | Clearing
“Come on you’re going to have a spectacular time!” Mom said.

“But I love the big city. I don’t want to have leave to go to the country for a week!” I explained.

“Well I already stated that you would go! So stop complaining and try to make the most out of the experience. You don’t get to see such open land that often.”
“I guess that you are right.” I said.
“Good, now they should be here soon to pick you up, so wait at the front door please.” My mother says.
I waited for a while, and then they finally arrived at the house. I said my goodbyes to my family and left to go to the country for a WEEK! Not even a day but a week! The car ride there took about three hours until we finally got to their house. No traffic, no skyscrapers, and NO noise. It was completely silent. All you could hear was a twig crack. I started to put everything in the room that I will be staying at for the week. After that I headed downstairs to talk to my grandparents.
“Charlie we are so glad that you are staying for a week!” Grandpa said happily.
I just smiled and nodded at the statement.
“Well we know when you were young you loved fishing.” Grandpa said.
“So we set up a place that you can go fishing. It has a dock, and we gave you all the supplies you need. To get there just take the path behind are house until you get to the forest. Then the path splits up into two paths. Go on the RIGHT side to get to the fishing area.” My Grandma informed me.
“Okay, I got that.” I assured my grandpa and grandma. “I will see you after I come back from fishing” I said, closing the door behind me. I followed the path until I got to the forest. I stopped and looked at the two paths. LEFT LEft Left left, the word left rang in my head. I was positive that left was the correct path, so that is where I was headed. Into the LEFT path.

I look at the path that leads into the forest. Um, maybe I should go back… I think to myself.  No I am not scared, I am going no matter what. I start to walk forwards deeper into the woods. Crack. I here a twig break into two, but from where? I keep on moving on. Crack crack. More twigs break. I look to the side and I see a yellow bird. The crack sounds must have been bark falling off the tree. Not a twig. I continue on the path. Until… I reached a dead end. I must have gone on the incorrect path. I turned around and started to head back. I hear a bushs leafs move. I look over and I see a light brown bunny. It is so cute, I thought to myself. I stood there watching the bunny for a moment, and then continue on the way back. On the way back I see so many terrific animals. Such as a dear, bunnies, different colored birds, blue, green, yellow and more. Maybe the country is not that bad. I tell myself, thinking back at all of the spectacular animals I have seen. By the time I get back to the beginning of the path, my grandparents are waiting for me.
“What took you so long?” Grandma asked.
I explained how I took the left path instead of the right. My grandparents laughed at my foolish mistake. I laugh as well, remembering how I assured them that I knew that it was right. We all head back into the house. We played some board games, and watched tv. My favorite thing about it was the magnificent view that you could see from any window inside the house.
    The time had come to when it was time to go to bed. I brushed my teeth, said goodnight, and got into my bed. I really like the country, all the animals, the nature, the calm sounds. Everything was so peaceful I was surprised that I said to myself, that I am sad that one day has already gone bye. I closed my eyes, waiting for the next day to begin.

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