Nov 05

Page Embellish

Briefly, before you close your eyes,
take a moment from the moment box of forgotten items.
listen to your moment, adopt it.
moments need home, we all need homes.
moments breathe inhales and swallow exhales.
sometimes you will forget moments...
try not to, try to embellish moments, make them a hand to hold.
encircle them in your forgiveness.
all can be hurt, but not all can be put back together.
sometimes things will break so badly they can never be found again.
instead, we replace them ignoring the black hole where they used to be.
it's OK to feel ashamed, this is a shameful thing...
moments can hurt you, and you can hurt them. moments are also painful,
sometimes they will spill their misery onto your back,
forcing you to carry a burden you might not wish to uplift...
it is OK not to take this cargo of hurt. your moments can learn to carry their strength.
but then again, moments like you, so maybe you could like them back...
it is OK not to feel guilt about renouncing your moments pain,
but then again... you probably will anyway. you are empathetic.
it is OK to take time away from moments, it is OK to not like moments all the time,
it is OK to yell at moments and slam the door and cry.
it is OK to bring in another moment, have as many as you want,
and it is OK to close your eyes now.
About the Author: fire girl
" to choose to write is to reject silence" - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie