Nov 08


    I'm a person who likes to see the good in all people. I see that it is extremely unfair to judge one’s personality just on a first impression. I believe that people change and that is alright. But one thing that I try my best is to boost people up for the day. I'll tell them stuff that they need to hear to make them feel better as life's too short to feel down. If I can help somebody boost themselves up than I know I have had a successful day and that I have done my job. I don't feel fulfilled with myself If I don’t help make another person's day better. If it's by holding the door for them. Telling them that they are a good person, etc. I will do anything to help someone to make themselves feel better as I feel it is the right thing to do. I know that school is hard so I try to make people laugh as well. Granted it can get annoying but if I can get a smile on at least one person's face than that is a success. I simply just want to help make people's day better in little ways as I feel that making it be obvious is a little bit overwhelming to me and the person. And that is what I try to do to help boost people up.

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