Nov 08

The Steps

That moment a child sees their parents cry, they realize something. The world isn’t everything they thought it was. 

That is around six or seven. Say twelve, is when it gets real.

Your mom is broken. She can’t stop crying. She can’t be the adult.

There is no adult.

There is an adult.

You step up, you take the role of the adult.

Step one:

Take care of everyone.

Mom’s eating? Check.

Sister’s under control? Check.

Your needs are taken care of?

That can wait.

Step two:


Pretend everything is okay.

Smile, talk, laugh, repeat.

Keep doing that.

Don’t let anybody in.

Have your excuses ready.

You’re just tired.

You just had health class.

One of your favorite characters got hurt.

Don’t let them know.

Step three:

Get through it.

Get to the end.

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. 

Just last until your mom can be the adult again.

Step four:


You made it through, not without your scars.

Arguing is natural, it will happen.

Loud noises can’t hurt you.

Your mom can’t be with you 24/7.

Step five:

Talk to someone.

Tell them everything.

What happened that night.

Why you’re so skittish.

Why you haven’t smiled in a week.

You did all the steps.

Now what?

We wait.
Hey, I know the world has been cruel to you. I don’t know why they chose you to go through what you did.

But you showed them something.

You can get through it.

It gets better.

It got better.

It will get even better.