Nov 08

Boost, don't knock

    Warren G. Harden’s saying, “There’s good in everybody. Boost. Don’t knock.” Harden’s saying makes me think of how many people don’t think this way. People use their feelings about someone on how they act, and they usually don't think better otherwise. Around my school there is a lot of Anti-bullying posters, which there should be, but I was reading some of them and they were bullying the bullies in those posters which really connects to Harden’s quote. The more of them I read the more I realized that calling bullies dumb isn’t helping the situation. People need to realize that yes, they are doing a bad thing but they need to see that they can still change and do good. If you go to your local doctor's office and look at the doctors you would never know that they were a bully in school. This is because they found the good in them, they decided it's time to help people and not bring them down. Instead of calling people mean things because they do them too, maybe you should take a minute and talk to them.
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