Nov 08
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Start Boosting

Beneath a student’s daunting, distressed-looking exterior,

Underneath all the folds of night studying and restless sleeps,

There’s a pulse of goodness within 

That arises when a student takes action with their heart.

School is tricky and in some situations, not an all friendly place.

Drama can make itself present at times as well as confusing math equations on the whiteboard.

If you decide to help somebody out, that can make all the difference in their day.

Support, reinforce, or boost someone up who you can see is struggling.

Don’t rely on knocking on someone’s door all the time for reinforcement,

Rather lend a hand to someone in need and maybe they’ll begin to uphold your generosity towards others.

Possibly sparking a chain reaction of kindness and courageousness throughout your school. 

Imagine how much of a better environment your school days would be not just for you but for others too.

Now quit imagining and start boosting.

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