Nov 09


it’s strange to be back
and to be gone.
the sunlight still holds me although 
it doesn’t whisper the way it used to
breathing softly against my ear 
the promise of always
until that too falls apart.
the rain falls, that's forever. and forever
i will worship the way it floods away the pain
but now it no longer loves me in return. 
my voice still echoes
the ground knows my feet
but my footsteps don’t fall like they used to. 
sometimes i feel the wind beyond the doorway
it taunts me until even my thoughts aren't real.
everyone knows once your fingertips brush the stars
they no longer settle for darkness. 
they tell me today is today
but tomorrow will probably be the same. 
only the memories will remain,
watching over us 
until all the moments fade together
and maybe everything is a little bit normal.