Nov 10

the sound of the wind.

noises fade
into the background
as thoughts flow through my fingers
hand moving ever faster 
as phrases form inside my mind 
and wind howls 
in loneliness outside

I love the sound the wind makes
as it rushes past my house 
the trees sway to and fro
leaves blowing in the gust 
I love the sound the wind makes
waves of air washing over us

wiping me clean 
of all these things
you only feel lonely 
when you've been loved 
and that's how I know
I've lived 
but I'm not done.

I gotta keep on goin 
just like the wild wind
I gotta keep on blowing 
and starting over again

I love the sound the wind makes 
as it pushes through the dark 
whistling in my ears 
as I wave my wild arms

I run through summer rain 
wind's warm tears of joy
and play in falling snow
it's sorrow beautified

I love the sound the wind makes 
lonely yes it's true
but don't we all feel lonely 

sometimes you need to feel that way 
to hear your not alone 
to hear you don't suffer 
by yourself anymore

and someday 
you'll find your hope
the gentle breeze on a summer day 
you'll find a friend 
a dream 
a love
you'll find something and you won't be lone no more. 

but for now
I'm happy with the sound of the wind and the rain 
a knockin at my door.