Nov 11


We are meant to question things,
But lately I've had my doubts.
About you.
And suddenly I'm realizing how different we are.
I love theatre, writing, reading, dancing, sitting inside with my cat or dog and watching netflix. Oh and coffee.

You don't like any music that is theatre related, you don't like musicals at all, I read you a poem I wrote for you,
And you said, "Well, I don't like poetry, but it's good, I guess." Aren't you supposed to be there for me. And on my performance, you left before saying goodbye, reminding how you must have wanted to get out of there. All you ever think about is video games and soccer. And you think coffee is terible and the equivilent of alcahol. Which is bullshit.

And you don't text me anymore, And I get your're busy, but for the fourth or fith time, give your girl some attention. And I know you didn't have anything going on this weekend. Why don't you ever stand up for me when your friend gets mad at me? Why do you take your arm off my shoulder when anyone comes in  the room.

My theatre friends have shown me how wrong you are for me, and watching them talk about their relationships,
I realized that I want you to be there for me, to be someone I can call just because I'm lonely. I wish you would give me your sweatshirt when it's cold out. That's why I want you.
But you just want me to say you have a girlfriend. You don't want the responsability of me. But you said you want me to depend on you.
I am so over taking your side and complementing you when you never do anything for me.
And after two and a half months,
Wouldn't it be interesting if I broke up with you on national singles day?
I don't know... I'm still having doubts.