Nov 11
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week 19 birthday wishes

Tate Smith, Age 11 

Albert D Lawton School

Essex Junction

YWP Contest WEEK 19
Wishes. You have three wishes and they will all come true in sequence — tomorrow, and on your 25th and 50th birthdays. What do you wish for? 

My Wishes

My first wish would be to have a dog or two because I really like dogs. They are super cute and fun to play with. If I could have a dog it would probably be a golden retriever mixed with a yellow lab so I could hunt with him as my duck dog. I have grown up with our family dog Bo. He was a great duck dog and also likes to retrieve geese for my Dad and brother Sam. Bo is 10 years old now and is retired because he is too old to hunt. Dogs make me feel safe and I love to cuddle with them.

My second wish at age 25 would be to have a hunting career and be able to make a living off of it. I would like to be a guide and bring people hunting.  I got my hunting license when I was 9 in the Spring so this is my second year hunting. Last year I got a deer. When I go hunting I spend time with family and friends. I hunt with my Dad and brother. I also have duck hunted a few times with friends. I like to be outside in nature and see different animals. Hunting is a tradition that I will carry on with my family and also as a job. 

My third wish would be to go cliff jumping and skydiving.  The reason I want to go cliff jumping and skydiving is because I like to get adrenaline rushes. An adrenaline rush makes me feel extreme. To me it is fun to have adrenaline rushes. It would be pretty cool to be 50 years old and still be able to do things physically. 
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