Nov 11

10:36 pm:

do you know what beauty is? 

do you know that it can be you? 

do you know there are days when 
I miss my childhood? 

how we laughed when we scraped out knees 
and didn't have to worry about the holes they left 

sometimes I want to 
crawl inside my head and never come out 

sometimes I want to dress in black lace 
and strings and nothing at all 
just to see the look on your face 

today I know we are beautiful 
when we dance for so long 
our feet should sue us because of
how much we take advantage of them 

and our eyes fill with gold 
and all the things we don't need 
because we have us 

and we are sugar 
so sweet and wonderful 

and I know they are watching
but darling I don't care 

because we are beautiful 
how can we not be 
when we have all the stars