Nov 12
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Do You Love Aphrodite?

Aphrodite is a vision
pink and gold,
all feminine softness... 

She is grace and beauty, why
she is anything and everything you want her to be.

You'd think if you saw Aphrodite,
no one else could compare to her perfection.
You want a queen and that she will be,
peasants can grovel at her feet
which are unstained with the truth.

But Aphrodite is hollow,
an idea without a heart, 
and love is not a facade... 

She could be jealous and vain,
she could be soulless or even shallow. 

You'd think if you saw Aphrodite
no one else could ever compare... 
You want a queen and that she will be
but open your eyes, see if she has a heart, and

ask yourself,
do you love Aphrodite?
Remember that you place the crown on her head.