Nov 12

laying in the snow

the sky seems endless
yet the clouds seem so close

as I lay here
stomach up in the snow
drowning in the vastness of this world 

I reach up 
letting the glove slip off my yearning fingers
and try to touch the clouds

they seem painted
they're so perfect
hanging above my head

and just then 
the sun decides to peak shyly from behind them 
like a small child
hiding behind their mother

and fills my face with light
as the cold air
cuts through my loneliness

and shows me a world so close
yet so far
it makes me want to dance with the stars
to grab your hand 
and take you with me

move to a song only we can hear
swing to a rhythm that falls from the moon 
and sing to each other in voices new

I want that world
and I want you
but how to connect the two . . .

laying here in the snow,
the cold biting at my ungloved fingers

I realize
I don't now.