Nov 12
poem 0 comments challenge: Change

6 years and 3 days ago:

Do you remember 
sitting on the on the couch 

made of blue canvas 
and broken hearts 
and buttons sewn into cigarette

I buried your words 
behind the garden 
with the black eyed suzans 

there's a man 
who tells stories to the 
cracks in the pavement 
and the earthworms on 
the sidewalk 

do you still whisper things 
into your palms 
when its too loud for 
anyone to hear you 

I broke all your 
CDs in half 
last night 

the pieces cast rainbows 
around my room 
even though it was pitch black 

I picked daisies from the field 
made of tears 
and stuffed them between the pages of a book 
so I could keep them forever 

then I jumped 
hoping to fly