Nov 14

i am a universe

if i am a universe
then the stars are my personality
the greatest forces
in this whirling mass
making me who i am
so many aspects
so varied, so scattered
creating a shining light
displayed for all to see

if i am a universe
then the planets are my memories
orbiting the stars
building me
some are forgotten, some are ever-present,
and some are so old
they've been lost forever

if i am a universe
then gravity is my mind
shaping and organizing everything
keeping the stars, the planets, itself, me
from crashing and burning
to nothing

if i am a universe
then the black hole in the center
remains the same
slowly consuming
whatever it can reach
breaking down parts
i will never get back
an absence of anything
next to where my heart resides
and a constant reminder
of what i once was