Nov 14

your leaving

I guess I'm the man of the house now.
well. . . kinda. 
you left
and when you did
you looked me in the the eye
and this is what you said:
"take care of your mother, and your brothers. they need you to be strong, and reliable. have a good atitude , and I'll see you in a week."

I smiled, and stood up tall
I have a responsibility 
to take care of my family
which I do anyway
but now. . .
even more so

"yes sir."
I said
not wanting you to leave
you pulled me into a hug
with your strong father arms
I wanted to stay in that hug forever
to keep you here
but I knew that I couldn't 

and I should get in the car
because mom wants a hug to 
and it's almost time
for you to catch that flight
"bye" I say
"I'll miss you."