Nov 15


golden hair spilling from confines of a braid,
shimmering skin pale against the darkness of mine
your eyes are closed, but i know the color that lies behind your lids

a beautiful green, tinged with the blue of the sea
your eyes only serve to complement the rest of you
though i find myself lost in every inch

you curve in the water, skin bare
legs outstretched, a delicate curl inward
dainty? no. but, maybe, yes.

sleeping soundly, not even my gunshot will wake you
though you asked me to stay by your side
you needn't've

i would've stayed anyway

your hands delicate in mine, your smile the same
makes my heart aflutter everytime your lips curl upward
those lips only i can kiss

in the water, you're still unlike anyone else
as you've always been
your eyes, they open, and ours lock

of course i join you, shedding my clothing as fast as it'll fly off
it's cold, but near you
i feel a heat i can't describe

you smile again, your hand outstretched
toes curling,
we dance.