Nov 15
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Can you hear me?

What happens when I close my eyes and think you ask? Well to put it short, I think about a lot of things. Things like, what do the people around me think about me? Are they staring at me right now? What if they think I look stupid? What if they don’t like me? Are they judging how I look right now? Okay okay okay, just one quick peek to see if anyone is staring at me…...oh wow no one is staring at me, everyone is just...sitting there with their eyes closed… silently … that’s weird. I wonder what they’re thinking about. Maybe they’re thinking about the same things I am. I wonder if anyone thinks like me? Woah wait can anyone read my mind right now? Okay on the count of three cough if you can hear my thoughts...One...Two...Three. Okay no one coughed I’m all good. Okay this whole meditation thing is boring again. I’m done with it. I’m going to go eat a snack or something...