Nov 15
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Meditation is supposed to be relaxing..
But when I close my eyes I can only think of one thing, death

      Death is unavoidable, it comes for all of us

It can happen without warning or reason,

There is no rhythm or rhyme it can simply just be you in the wrong place

At the wrong time,

Nobody knows for sure what happens after you die,

There are a thousand religions with a thousand of beliefs,  

But surely they cannot all be true,

Will I die painfully or painlessly,

Will I die a victim to the worst of mankind

Or it be because of my own foolishness, arrogance or carelessness 

Or maybe my timer has just stopped ticking

Nobody wants to die and that’s true, but we will all share the same fate,

Most of us will be in a box, five feet underground,

Family dressed in all black,

A recent picture hung on display,

Everyone crying, wishing they could see you one last time

Death doesn’t care about who you are,

Young or old, rich or poor

I just hope death allows me to live my life

As long as I follow the rules I should be safe for now, right?

I am still searching for answers to the biggest mystery known to mankind,

Will I be reunited with my great great grandparents or be presented with a black void of nothingness? 

I just hope I've gotten a chance to live my life, see the beauty our world has to present before I take my last breath and my heart has its last beat, only then will I be presented the answer to the question I seek 

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