Nov 16


you know, i never meant to say anything to you.

it just happened, those little flashes of eye contact
when i'd find that you were looking at me across the room while our teacher read
it was a good poem, porphyria's lover
i remember thinking, what if it was i who was choking?
would it be you?

i wanted to make sure you were alright
i wasn't sure if you were serious when you mentioned failing your test
and i treated it like you'd been joking, for that's what i default to
but you weren't
and i'm sorry.

an ode to you, a dramatic monologue
read aloud with our principal in the room
it was me reading it
our teacher had never called on me before to read and i never understood why
but i think i know now.

i love your voice. i really do.
i just was too afraid to come off too strong
i thought you gave that look to other girls, and it was never just me
but it doesn't matter
for i'll help any and all until the ends of the world come