Nov 18

They Tell You

They tell you...
don't squirm, don't wriggle, your only allowed to smile and giggle.
Don't scowl, don't frown, all those thoughts bubbling up? make them stay down.
They tell you...
don't cry, don't weep, virginity's not for you to keep.
Don't struggle, don't resist, let men rule with the iron fist.
They tell you...
don't whip tongue, don't be smart, remember your an object, a piece of art.
Don't talk, don't care, no one wants to listen to your prayers.
They tell you...
don't breathe, don't eat, your life is secretly death with reinforced concrete.
Don't exist, don't thrive, stay out at the clubs till it's 12:45.
They tell you...
your worthless, your nothing, shut your big mouth, quit all that fussing.
Your silly, your stupid, but wait don't just stand and
watch your freedoms be executed.
Tell yourself...
your worth it, your special, there's no sense in speaking with that devil.
your wonderful, your kind, can you believe how long you've been blind.
Tell yourself...
believe it, it's true... there's no one like you,
and maybe that's good and maybe that's bad, but it's no reason to cry and be sad.
we're all different, no one of us is cliche, set yourself free and say,
"C'mon, my fair maiden, today is that day,
you've got dragons to tame and princes to save.
Let's go now, this world, it is waiting for you,
there's evil to slay and brave deeds to do."