Nov 19

let it be so.

if my tears make me weak 
let me be so
I do not care what your knife sharpened words say

if my joy makes me gullible
then let me be so 
I will find truth behind your fake promises 

if my sorrow makes me a push over
let me be so
and go ahead and try, for this sadness holds tighter than any glue

if my innocence makes me impressionable
than let me be so
i will learn when I'm ready, not when you tell me

if my past makes me silly 
let it be so
for it is pointless to try to change what has already happened 

if my plans make me a dreamer 
let it be so 
when has it been a problem, for a person to have hopes?

ad if my words scare you 
with their honesty
I have done my job.