Nov 19

We made memories

Up until that day,
We said we loved eachother.
Almost all my best memories are with you.
But we were busy.
And apperently I'm more responsible because I can handle my busy life and you.
If you had cared or payed attention,
You would have seen the texts I sent you at 11:30 p.m.:
Just got home from rehearsal, know you're asleep. 
Love you and goodnight.

I made time,
And you just said you were busy and after soccer was over we would talk more.
Well, soccer's over friend.
And it's been over for a while.
And we both have our eyes on other people now.
So we agreed friends is better now.
But watching you with them is heartwrenching sometimes.
The agony of you treating them better than you ever treated me,
And your not even with them.
When I said whoever gets you next will be lucky,
I meant it.
But not the way you probably thought.
They'll be lucky because you are a good person, 
And you already made all the mistakes with me.
So next time will be better.
And don't worry I'm not really that sad,
And I know a few boys who are willing to treat me better than you ever could.
And I know you're happier now.
That song Happier by Marshmallow? Yeah I'm feeling it right now.
And I still love you,
But more as a friend.