Nov 20
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       When we were in high school and middle school we would always find someone we thought was cute or someone we really like. Now, at this time, you are pretty young in your life. You do not think about what will happen when you are older to you and this person. People say that your first love may never be your last. It got me to thinking…. what if we only date at a young age for the fun of it? 

Yes, finding that person you like at a young age is fun, and you say you are in an actual relationship, but do you even understand what we are doing? Just to say you actually loved someone in our young life, is not right. The thing is, do people actually know what the phrase “I love you” means. People say it all the time but do they mean it? 

In middle school, girls would be fighting over a boy because he is the “hottest” in their class, but do they ever stop and think “am I too young?” “Will this relationship ever mean anything?” Usually, they don’t. Sometimes kids just do it for the drama, fame, and attention. Others will understand what it is about and treat each other nice and care for each other. High school is a different story. You are older, more mature, and understand things better, but is love one of them? You say you have the cutest and hottest boyfriend, but is he all that nice to you, does he care for you, do you get along? Same thing…. what if your girlfriend is not nice to you or does not care for you? 

People say it is just fine, but is it really? You could be really hurt down deep inside, but you leave it there down inside of you because you don’t want to hurt their feelings, or you are scared. Or do you just like the attention and drama about it? There is a problem if you say “I love you” to the person you are with and they are treating you poorly because yes, you might love them, but is it the person you love or the drama or attention? You know the saying that your younger sibling or older sibling would say when you said you loved food or toy they would say, “if you love it so much why don’t you marry it?” See here we are using and looking at love in the wrong way. You cannot marry food or a toy, it is not how life works. Love is when you have a deep affection for someone. Yes you can still love your mom or your dad, but when you just start to throw it out there like it is a ball. It does not mean anything. Love is a strong word and when you don’t use it the right way bad things can happen. Love is a strong and complicated word use it right and understand what you are doing before you do it. 

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