Nov 22
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One day can change a life.

He had had many days, that curved his path,

even if the tiniest bit.

Yet he hadn't had one that necessarily altered his future.

Until one day he received a letter. 

Mailed from Cambridge Massachusetts, 

With “Harvard University” written in the top left corner. 

Too afraid to open it, he waited patiently for his parents arrival.

The choice his dream school came to, was in that envelope.

His hands were clammy and heart beating fast. 

His parents encourage him to open it, 

And told him “we are proud of you either way.”

Nervous as ever, he opens the envelope. 

He closes his eyes while he unfolds the paper, 

When he finally opens his eyes, he begins reading and…

HE’S IN!!!

The joy overcomes him when he jumps up to hug his parents.

He will be attending the school he has dreamed of, 

and worked so hard toward for years.

It doesn't necessarily seem real yet, but he is proud of himself. 

This day was one of the most important in his life. 

It was his right turn at the big intersection between being a kid, 

to becoming an adult.

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