Nov 22
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Skydiving Accident

60 seconds left

Here I am.

Falling threw the sky toward the Earth.

I cant believe how light I feel.

Its really loud.

I wasn’t expecting it to be this amazing.

55 seconds left

I hope the plane lands safely.

I can still see the play

I cant believe how small the buildings are.

I wish I could stay up here forever.

46 seconds left

The buildings, trees and cars are getting bigger and bigger yet still small.

I can still see the curve of the earth. 

I can see a cloud below me.

36 seconds left

I just went through a cloud.

I can’t see the plane anymore. 

I can see the ground much better than I could before.

I can see individual trees now.

18 seconds left

I need to get ready to pull my chute soon.

I can’t see the landing area, whatever I’ll find it after I pull my chute.

I wonder how the wind will be. 

9 seconds left

I’m ready to pull my chute.

What if it doesn’t open?

I have my reserve parachute but what if that doesn’t open?

I need to stop thinking about this.

4 seconds left

I need to pull my chute.

I pulled my chute.

-4 seconds left

Why is it not catching me?!

Oh no it’s stuck!

I’m going to die!

I need to cut it!

-9 seconds left

I cut my chute now I’m falling fast again!

I need to deploy my reserve chute!

I pulled the ripcord and its unfolding!

-15 seconds left

It’s wrapped up!

I’m so close to the ground that I can see the picture on a billboard.

I can read the words.

I need to unwrap it!

I need to yank on the handle!

-19 seconds left

I yanked on the handle and it unwrapped!

The reserve chute caught me!

It worked!

I’m heading towards a river I can land in!

Ground level

Landing successful 

I did it!

I’m alive! 

I’m never going skydiving again!

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