Nov 22
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    I can’t believe this is really happening. My wife just had a baby, and now I get to hold her. A tiny human, only a few minutes old. So fragile, raw. My hands are so big and rough, will I hurt her? I’ve held a baby before but this, this is different. The nurse is wrapping her in blankets. The nurse scoops her up and starts to walk my way. I’m so excited but still so nervous. This precious human being for which I am responsible for. The nurse asks me if I’m ready. I could not be any more unprepared, but I nod anyway. She tells me how to hold my arms, and I position them that way. She lays the eight and  a half pound baby in my arms. I’m doing it, I’m holding her. I start to rock slowly back and forth. There are doctors and nurses working aorund me, but I don’t even notice. All I see is the bean in my arms. Fast asleep. No care in the world. Not a hair on her head. All babies are cute, but mine is beautiful. I would stare at her forever if I could. 
I slowly walk over to kelly, my wife, and lay the baby across her chest. I kiss both of them on the forehead and grab kelly’s hand. My family. I’ve waited not only nine months but my entire life for this exact moment. I want it to last forever, just like this. I know that won’t happen. There will be sleepless nights, and busy days. This little baby will grow up and become a young woman. But for now we have to find a name. It comes to me. And almost at the same exact time my wife looks at me. We both say it. “Aria.”
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