Nov 22
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food mounsters

There it is 

My worst nightmare 

The only thing to ever beat me

The creature of the night

What to do 

What to do 

Come on think 

How to get away 

What is it weakness 

That right 


That it 


Only way to kill it 

Feed it 

Feed it and it will die

I got food 

Open up

Yes it is dead

There another one 

Why are they chasing me 

What do they want 

What did I do 

There is only one thing they want 

Me dead 

Can’t let that happen

Ah a mountain 

If I get to the top 

I’ll have the high ground 

But I’ll also be trap 

No mountain

Keep running 


What is that


It is a food factory 

If I run inside 

I’ll have all the food I’ll need 

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