Nov 22

If We Were Alive Again

would we wake
from our never-ending slumper
when the world shakes and tears?

were we alive, were we walking
where would we be? where would we go?
would you offer me your hat against the rain?

the world is a lot more different now
no more gloves to your wrist, dresses to your knees
not that i mind, of course, i'm still a swinger

your coat is still dashing, even after all these years
buttons bright against dark ink
coattails riding ever so gently with each step

these streets are bright, this place you've chosen
bright with people and bright with light
time doesn't matter, surely, but no one sleeps in this city

no one can see us. or can they?
a few looks, more of questioning than disgust
as my old hoopskirt becomes more of a burden than not

we find a place, colors never seen before
music never heard. i take your arm
and we dance away all these years

way is made for us, space created
we're alive again, up and going after, oh, how many decades?
this life that refuses to wane

music i can't understand
a pounding rhythm i can
and yet, a sordid singer

here we are, alive again
you spin me around
it's like we never perished in the first place.